Why live with limits? You should be able to pick up your phone and call someone across the country without having to worry how much it’s going to cost you. Now you can, thanks to VoIP. VoIP describes the category of hardware and software that enables people to make telephone calls via the Internet. When calls flow over the Internet, long distance charges are avoided. Cost reduction in operating a VoIP System covers just about all areas of business. With VoIP, Video Conferencing can be set up between endpoints. Everyone who is logged into the system is capable of receiving and making calls. Have your employees from a remote office receive a call directed from your Corporate Headquarters! Centralize support and maintenance for Voicemail, Automated Attendant and email with VoIP! Instead of separate wiring all data and voice lines are on the LAN. Messaging can be limited to corporate and business, eliminating some of the security issues associated with Public Instant Messaging sites and provides complete Control Management. Similar to the “DO NOT DISTURB” feature of your traditional PBX telephone system, this VoIP feature allows users to set how other users view their presence on the system. While the enterprise is moving toward IP communications technologies, SMB’s seem to be lagging in the area. The real power is in the Virtual PBX. With a Virtual PBX system, all administration functions are performed on the network, usually through a browser based control panel. Administrators can modify your system, add features and reconfigure lines, from anywhere! Over the next 10 years, it is apparent that all communications will be IP Based. It makes good sense to shift toward VoIP as soon as practical. VoIP is more that just a cable company line and lower phone bills. An enterprise class VoIP system with a Virtual PBX turns the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), into a technology as powerful and as potential profitable as the internet. Your investment in technology should be as profitable as a hammer is to a carpenter that’s our goal. Is it yours?