Imagine your business eliminating those bulky servers in the server room. No more costly hardware! No more compliancy issues! Lower electric bills! How wonderful would it be if you could come into the office, turn on your computer and not worry about IT problems? If you answered yes to this, virtualization is in your future business model.

Business owners are currently struggling with their software providers to upgrade to a 64-bit platform. Cross your figures and hope it will not happen to you. Day after day we are hearing from businesses needing to upgrade their servers because the software provider will no longer support the older version and are being forced to shell out thousands of dollars for new equipment. Eliminate the need for new equipment and upfront cost. You can keep your company running with the latest and greatest equipment with NHK Technologies.

Are you running different operating systems on different servers? Time to upgrade and can’t afford the up-front cost? Wouldn’t it be great if you could trick the server into thinking it was running the windows operating system but in reality it was running windows and MAC?

Did you ever stop to think that it’s a little out of scale to have a desktop computer the same size and power as a server used for email and opening documents stored ON the server? Think about the energy you’re paying for. Think about the IT support costs you’ve spend and the downtime you’ve dealt with. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just have a monitor and a keyboard and mouse and get rid of the computer? You can. It’s called Desktop Virtualization. When you’re ready to deal with your pain, we are there for you.