Recovery and Continuity Solution:

There is a huge misconception with the theory of Back-up and disaster recovery. In the perfect world, businesses would enter new data and modify old data to a central location that is safe and secure from failure and intrusion. Yet this is not a perfect world and in order to run a progressive company, business owners must understand the possibility of a collapse in the network.

The classic solutions for business owners are tape, removable disk, network-attached storage device (NAS) and remote access. These solutions are great and if done correctly, can give you a cost efficient way to dismiss the fear of losing your data. Problem Solved!!!

But the misconception most business owners have is viewing back-up information as their greatest problem. The greatest problem is in the recovery if a fire destroys the server room. The typical length of downtime is 1-2 days for restoring the server and migrating data. This is devastating to the bottom line of any company. Our solution is unique because our Advanced Recovery and Continuity Solution will enable us to get your business working on the network within hours, not days.

The Advanced Recovery and Continuity Solution (ARCS) is an enterprise Remote Back-up and Disaster Recovery solution. NHK Technologies built a disaster recovery road map and generated an abrupt, fail safe solution that will eliminate a lengthy recovery process. This solution is comprised of five professional services that enable us to manage and maintain our client’s data.
  • Standby Server.
  • Backup & Recovery.
  • Bare Metal Restore.
  • Mail & Message Level Recovery.
  • Replication Options