NHK Technologies is pleased to announce the roll out of our new Secure Operations Solution. SOS represents a multifunctional, unimpaired security service that accounts for everyday security breaches. Businesses can stop juggling independent products. SOS is a continuous, up-to-date service, protecting your business from outside intruders and in-house threats.

Viruses can take a toll on your business’s network. Equipment failures, loss of productivity and slow network speeds are just a few of the inconveniences employees experience. Trojans, Worms, Spyware and Malware are the leading cause of problems. SOS reduces the chances or acquiring a virus and keeps your network running on a healthy level.

Tired of the “Cheap Prescriptions” solicitations? What about the $1,000,000 you just won in a random drawing? Spam has become aggravating to many businesses and they are finding themselves spending too much time deleting these email messages. SOS combats spam with a state-of-the-art utility, with an easily configurable menu to label authorized mail and unauthorized Spam.

Believe it or not, ex-employees can do more damage than expected. A vindictive employee can cause network failure without leaving any trace of access. SOS monitors all activity on the network to pin-point unauthorized trespassers and block access when noticed.

Criminals are always on the lookout for new ways to commit fraud. Criminals are flourishing off of information gathered from businesses. Villainous geniuses continue to comprise new tools and techniques to defraud legitimate citizens around the world. NHK Technologies is staying one step ahead of them!