More and more companies are automating their mobile workforce. They want workers in the field to have access to corporate databases and applications such as customer relationship management (CM)) software, as well as the ability to update customer records wherever the work occurs. These and other buying considerations such as system integration, management and total cost of ownership (TCO) need to be taken into account. Selecting mobile hardware relatively early in the automation process so that company data needs, field user and environmental requirements, and IT support issues are all adequately considered can help minimize TCO. It can also help you realize return on investment (ROI) sooner rather than later.

Many organizations base their mobile workforce automation decision solely on the expected ROI from taking their existing processes paperless but there are other benefits that can be achieved by enabling new processes. You should also consider that many of your employees already have mobile computers, Smartphone’s. Over the last 2 years the Smartphone, blackberry, android and windows mobile based devices have exploded with over 255 million units sold last year. These units are network ready and have high speed internet access. They run windows OS’s and can support many applications messaging integration, data entry, and much more. Could your business benefit from a mobile, connected workforce? Combined with VPN and proper Operational Security employees can work from home when sick or keep up with business while traveling.